Agricwealth.com is a subsidiary of Fondue Lenok Mobile Market. It is a trustworthy agricultural investment platform that is focus on changing lives through agricultural investment. This is a long term investment that you do with rest of mind.

It is an investment platform. You choose an investment package available upon registration and invest the amount meant for that particular package. The amount paid is used to invest for you in any of the agricultural product that you choosed. You will get back both your capital and profit after the stipulated duration of investment.

We invest in various range of agricultural produce that are of high demand and have high rate of returns. E.g Cassava, Moringa, Cashew, Shea Butter,etc

It is very simple. After registration, pay the money for you chosen package into the companies account. Then send a mail to the companies email with evidence of payment , username and your full name. your account would be activated within 24hrs.

Agricwealth.com has six packages ½ acre( #52,500), 1 acre( #105,000), 2 acres(#210,000), 3 acres(#315,000), 4 acres(#420,000) and 5 acres(#525,000). The minimum is #52,500 and the maximum is #525,000

It is a 12 months duration.

Once, the investment has matured. That after harvesting and selling. The profit would be declared and what is due to you will be paid into your account within 7 days.

All investors are required to provide details of their next of kin when registering. In the case of death to the investor the next of kin receives what is due to the investor on his/her behave.

Since we are serious with what we do the number of investors accepted every year is limited. This year 2017 we are looking for just 100 investors. We might increase next year.

If we have more than ,the needed 100 investors. All other investors will have their money refunded to them. But they can apply next year.

Your money will be refunded to you but you will bear charges of 10% of that money. The money will be processed in 7 days.


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